Ocean Fishing

by Peter Patenaude on July 16, 2013

I had never fished water that I could not boil and drink until today. I was excited to take my fish pole and tackle to the shoreline to see what might bite– I admit that I was not too comfortable in my new surroundings, however the scenery made for a pleasant backdrop. There was no wind, which was bad for me and good for the bugs. I was hoping that in this activity, I could outsmart the insects by staying outside of the woods, but nature is always humbling. Being unprepared for my attempt at saltwater, I tied on a lake trolling lure that acted as though it was a dry fly on its first cast. I had trouble getting the small, metal fish to sink, and upon my successes, I was awarded with catches of seaweed. I do not know when I will try this again, but I am sure investing time into reading about the subject will help.

Maine Outdoor Blog, Maine Guide, Boot and Canoe, Ocean Fishing, Saltwater, Atlantic, Maine Coast, Sunset, Photography, Spin Casting, Marsh, Tradition

Maine Outdoor Blog, Maine Guide, Boot and Canoe, Ocean Fishing, Saltwater, Atlantic, Maine Coast, Sunset, Photography, Spin Casting, Marsh, Tradition


Storm Weather Fishing

by Peter Patenaude on July 4, 2013

My trail companion and I took a fisherman’s walk today up a familiar brook. The terrain matched the weather as the air was wet like the stream, and thick like the forest and tall grasses. Stopping halfway to our destination, we decided to soak our lines on either side of a large bend– I could not put my fly rod together fast enough as I watched my fellow angler quickly set a night crawler on a hook and begin to fish. Leaving my dry fly solution at home, I tied on a favorite that would float for some time, but once waterlogged, could double as a small streamer– I am not against using wet flies, but I do prefer to watch a trout take floating feathers rather than ones on the bottom. We left this spot after a short time as we wanted to reach an unnamed pool that required much more walking. Before leaving, I had the excitement of one strike and so did my spin casting competition.

We finally reached our target and I think we both would have enjoyed a cool swim if it would not have affected our chances of holding a colorful trout. I only had the pleasure of a few casts before the intimidating clouds made a strong suggestion for us to leave. With a long rolling thunder noise and flashes of lightning that my camera wished it could replicate, we hurriedly took to the woods and made our way back at a quick pace. We were fortunate to make it to the truck before the rain picked up, although because of the humidity, you would not know it by looking at our clothes.

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River Scouting

June 24, 2013

After talking with a few residents that have lived here much longer than me, I have been able to locate a couple favorable fishing spots– I am sure that there are more hidden and productive locations, but I do not expect those to be given up so easily. Today, I thought that I would go […]

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June 18, 2013

Exploring the landscape near my new home has taken some time but has afforded me many new experiences. Today, I was fortunate to help a local beekeeper move a hive to a sunnier location, perform basic repairs, and add a bundle of the yellow and black pollinators to the wood-boxed honey producing factories. Getting out […]

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Out East

May 15, 2013

I have not been available for my usual activities recently due to a trip to the Middle East. I am not much for hot temperatures, so my trail companion and I are fortunate as the weather has been unusually cold for this time of year, registering in the 90s, not the 100s. Today, we decided that we […]

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Spring Fly Tying

April 22, 2013

It has certainly been a busy spring season so far. With no available time to fish, I sat down at my tying bench today to wrap a couple of hooks in colored threads and deer hair. I have always found it to be very gratifying to catch trout and salmon on homemade lures, however I […]

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Last Maple Syrup Boil

April 9, 2013

The disappearance of the melting snow this year signaled the end of the maple syrup. The last boil evaporated the remaining sap that had transitioned from being stored in a homemade natural white cooler to the shade. I had one more long day boiling the last twenty-five gallons of sap today, and the season is […]

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Sap to Syrup

April 1, 2013

Most weekends this March have been spent around a campfire evaporating– what a pleasant smell woodsmoke and maple syrup combine to make. While I have not documented every boil, I have been very happy with the outcome this season; a late drop in temperature was welcomed by me and my trail companions. Today, it took […]

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Homemade Maple Syrup

March 18, 2013

Before my trail companions and I could boil down the sugar maple sap, I first had to rebuild our homemade evaporator. I was able to leave the foundation untouched, but was forced to replace the upper section due to broken and split pieces. We have no need for expensive tools for such a small operation, and […]

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Maine Maple Sugaring

March 5, 2013

Every season has its purpose, and March is for maple sugaring. Although we have had recent snow, the temperatures are perfect for the sap to run; winter during the night and spring during the day. We are a small operation, tapping only enough for twelve months of syrup, and yesterday we opened our last jar. […]

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